With mass media becoming increasingly more segmented, it’s critical to analyze your service area and objectively determine the best solution to reach your customers.

Mediagistic takes this exercise very seriously. After an analysis of your service area, their skilled media professionals will recommend the media that is most cost-effective and delivers the most “bang for the buck.” With national relationships and the best analysis tools available, Mediagistic will be sure to find the right solution at the right price!

*The Local Market Program is separately administered by Mediagistic, Inc. or its affiliates and is the sole responsibility of Mediagistic.

Traditional/ Digital Radio

People still listen to the radio, A LOT. How they listen, however, has also changed a lot. While traditional (AM/FM) still remains the most widely used, other streaming services are getting increasingly more popular and abundant. Let Mediagistic evaluate which type of radio, or even if radio, is right for your business.

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Broadcast Television

Broadcast Television has long been the go-to to maximize reach in a local market. Local channels offer premium content, loyalty and can be very effective at reaching a large audience… sometimes too large. Let Mediagistic evaluate your local market and see if Broadcast Television is a good fit or if your money is better spent elsewhere. 

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Cable Television

With more content, more options and more channels than ever, cable can be a great opportunity for advertisers to reach their core audience. However, with the medium’s inherent segmentation, it’s even more important to work with the right company to ensure your messaging isn’t lost.

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Connected TV (OTT), Outdoor, & Cinema

Outdoor and Cinema advertising are great ways to grow your brand locally. Additionally, the emergence of Connected TV, also known as OTT (over the top),  affords local businesses significant benefits that have not historically existed with television advertising in the past, including zip code localization, demographic targeting, multi-device targeting and more. 

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