Local Market Program Enrollment

The Local Market Program is designed to allow you the flexibility of building a custom advertising campaign that focuses on YOUR COMPANY, YOUR GOALS & YOUR BUDGET!

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness within your local market, create opportunities for your phone to ring or a combination of both, the Local Market Program allows you to select various forms of media, at different investment amounts, to ensure you can focus on the specific marketing needs of your business.


  • Increasing brand awareness helps generate leads, which help you grow your business.
  • Utilize your marketing accrual to fund the campaign 100%. Any remaining balance will be invoiced in equal installments.
  • Eliminate Paperwork! You are participating in a turn-key program that qualifies for accrual! See your TSM for information on your available accrual funds.
  • All Local Market Program components will include a tracking phone number which will help gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.