Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – OH MY!

With all the advertising opportunities available via apps, smartphones, and desktop computers, how do you know what’s right for your business? That’s where Mediagistic comes in! Their digital marketing experts are skilled at sifting through the clutter to develop a digital strategy that reaches your audience effectively and resonates with them immediately.

*The Local Market Program is separately administered by Mediagistic, Inc. or its affiliates and is the sole responsibility of Mediagistic.

Featured Plan

Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads (GLSA) shows qualified professionals at the top of Google’s search results when a customer is looking for relevant home services. GLSA allows customers to quickly see reviews, company profile, services offered, and hours of operation. The main ad unit will show a carousel of three businesses that rotate based on proximity, job type, reviews, and provider responsiveness.


  • Direct lead generation; pay per lead
  • Google’s “Guarantee” designation instills extra trust with consumers
  • Extra visibility in voice searches
  • Supplements and amplifies conventional paid search campaigns
  • Leads average $30 per lead for home services businesses in markets where GLSA is available

$400($100 Minimum Weekly Ad Spend)

PER MONTH (+$599 Annual Management Fee)

Google Ads (PPC)

Google pay per click (PPC) advertising has long been a staple for home services businesses looking to grow. Reaching people at that “zero moment” when they’re ready to make a buying decision lies the very heart and soul of PPC advertising. Although extremely effective, PPC advertising also can spend very quickly – at times, with little or nothing to show for it. As a Google Premier Partner and expert in HVAC, Mediagistic’s performance marketing team knows how to manage campaigns that deliver!

Plans Starting at

Per Month (+ SET-UP FEE)

Facebook & Instagram

Did you know that, on average, people scroll through more than 300 ft of content in their social news feeds per day? That’s more content than the height of the Statue of Liberty! In fact, 68% of Americans use Facebook & Instagram, and of those users, a whopping 74% use it daily! Your customers are using the platform, and isn’t the goal of advertising to be where your customers are? As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner, Mediagistic can develop a strategy to help stay in front of your customers annually, at an affordable rate!

Plans Starting at

Per Month (+ SET-UP FEE)


Over 1 Billion hours of video are watched every day; go ahead and read that again. One billion (with a ”B”), and yes… every day! Claiming honors as the world’s 2nd largest search engine (behind Google) and third largest social media platform (behind Facebook and Instagram), YouTube has seen twice as many small- and medium-sized businesses advertising on it during the past 3 years. Chances are that YouTube is the right fit for your company. Are you taking advantage of this powerful marketing channel?

Plans Starting as low as

Per Month (+ set up fee)


Your online reputation is more important than ever before. Consumers consistently check reviews prior to making buying decisions. If your company does not have many good reviews, the consumer may not even consider you as an option. Mediagistic offers several options to increase the volume of positive consumer reviews, which will help increase your search visibility, conversion rates, and help improve your online reputation. Plan includes reviews, messaging and webchat.

Plans Starting at

Per Month (+Set-Up Fee)

*The Local Market Program is separately administered by Mediagistic, Inc. or its affiliates and is the sole responsibility of Mediagistic.

How do I Join?

You will have the option to customize your campaign by choosing the components that work best for your local marketing needs.